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The True Value of Knowing

Date: 13 December 2013 From: G.I. Joe Executive Management Team To: All Joe Staff Joe Team: As you know, fiscal year 2013 has been difficult for the organization. The economic rebound we had hoped for failed to materialize, and we have been forced to make some difficult decisions in order[...]

As many of my friends know, I’ll periodically eat something I’m not supposed to. This isn’t out of any compulsion like┬ápica, but more out of curiosity. I wonder about dry cat food that says it now has “20% more fish flavor”, and how exactly they determine that, so I’ll do[...]



An old one resurrected from the archives: I’m being tacitly evicted from my apartment because my landlord hates me; she’s refused to renew my lease because, among other things,I’ve continually denied the presence of a cat she knows lives here. So,I’m busily packing up my stuff and getting ready to[...]

A little boy named Henry Bikins, who lived in a small house near the ocean, went for a walk on the beach one day. As he walked along the beach, occasionally turning to look at his footprints fill up with water and disappear behind him, he heard a loud thud[...]

Will Viharo is a new author for me; he was introduced to me (virtually) by a mutual Facebook friend when I mentioned wanting to open a Tiki bar in West Texas. Viharo has nothing to do with Texas as far as I know (note: since I originally wrote this review,[...]